Sail On Sailor - 1972 Limited Edition 2LP + 7in


Ships on: July 26, 2024

The Beach Boys Sail On Sailor collection celebrates the landmark 1972 albums Carl And The Passions and Holland. Includes extensive liner notes and the original Mount Vernon and Fairway 7inch EP from Holland, unavailable on vinyl since the 1970s. Both albums are fully remastered. Limited Edition 2LP + 7 inch includes a reproduction of the original Holland promotional book telling the story of the making of the album.


Carl And The Passions - “So Tough”

Side A
1. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
2. Here She Comes
3. He Come Down
4. Marcella

Side B
1. Hold On Dear Brother
2. Make It Good
3. All This Is That
4. Cuddle Up

LP 2

Side A
1. Sail On Sailor
2. Steamboat
3. California Saga - Big Sur
4. California Saga - The Beaks Of Eagles
5. California Saga - California

Side B
1. The Trader
2. Leaving This Town
3. Only With You
4. Funky Pretty

7” EP - Mount Vernon And Fairway (A Fairytale)

Side C
1. Mount Vernon And Fairway Theme
2. I’m The Pied Piper - Instrumental
3. Better Get Back In Bed
4. Magic Transistor Radio

Side D
1. I’m The Pied Piper
2. Radio King Dom